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How to get referrals without using Facebook.

As you know, I highly recommend you use Facebook if you can as there are million of people within very easy reach especially if you use the Friend Connector software, but if you are totally against using Facebook under any circumstances, what can you do to still get referrals?

This is one quick suggestion I gave someone who said they absolutely couldn't use Facebook and hence I thought it would share it here with you too.

I would look for interested people via Google. 

I would look for chat forums and chat forum owners, website owners, bloggers, youtubers, business owners, people who like Dragons' Den, Shark Tank, investing in the stock market, people who like to gamble, people looking for a second income (pretty much EVERYONE these days) and reach out to them by whatever means they suggest to connect with them e.g. web forms, emails, phone numbers, skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger etc.

I would then strike up a conversation with them so they get to know, like and trust me. 

Then (and only then) I would ask a leading question such as

"are you in lockdown?"..... (they will almost certainly say "yes".)....

then I would ask them "Wow, same here. It's crazy isn't it. Has it affected your income?".... they will almost certainly say "Yes, I've lost my job" or "Yes, it's looking really scary"....

I would then say... "OK, you don't have to say yes, but I feel obliged to ask because I think I can help. Would you be ibe willing to look at an idea that could help you?"

Those that are genuine prospects will say "Sure, what is it?" 

Bingo you can now send them a link to the (replacing 15969 with your own ID number) and job done. Easy as that. It's not as quick, but it is easy, you can make new friends, and it works.


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